Our Mission

There are so many skills to develop as a marketer and master as a leader. Our commitment is to share with you the bright ideas that we uncover from the incredible people who are leading the way.


Meet the Team

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Nadine Dietz, Founder of Marketer Moves and Editor, CMO Moves & Innovators for Adweek

Nadine is the creator of Marketer Moves and Editor of CMO Moves and Innovators at Adweek. Her passion is to help others in their career journeys with inspiring tips from great leaders who have walked in their marketing shoes.  She is also passionately dedicated to celebrating the humans behind the magic.  In her (fantasy) spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband doing just about anything not work related, which can include but not limited to:  cooking crazy challenge meals, climbing mountains, pretending to snowboard, walking the dog or chillin’ in the man cave where the TV has all kinds of super powers she doesn’t know how to work, but it looks and sounds good!


Heide Palermo, Digital Strategy Consultant

From her experience in digital marketing and customer experience for brands like NBC-Universal and Coca-Cola, Heide brings a fresh perspective to developing and amplifying content for fellow marketers. Driven to help others grow and inspired by leaders who lift as they climb, Heide loves being part of such a dynamic community. Heide spends most of her free time with her family, watching Steven Spielberg flicks and enjoying the perpetual Florida summer.


Julian Gamboa-Ramos, Community & Social Manager

Julian is a recent University of California, Berkeley, graduate with a thesis on interactive video. He taught the "Digital Marketing Today" course at Berkeley's Haas School of Business and LinkedIn recognized him in 2017 as a "LinkedIn Top Voice for Marketing and Social Media." In his free time, Julian writes marketing advice via LinkedIn for small and medium businesses and analyzes the latest marketing ads. He is a competitive video game player in Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch," and believes in continued improvement.