Introducing the New Brandweek Innovators Council

Swish Goswami, CEO & Founder of TRUFAN

Today we announce another new Brandweek Council, the Innovators Council (Press Release). We officially launched this Council last year with inaugural members Barbara Martin Coppola, CDO of IKEA, Dara Treseder, CMO of Carbon, Eric Toda, Head of Marketing at Hill City Gap Inc., Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International and Musa Tariq, Global Head of Marketing of Airbnb Experiences. Their guidance in shaping our series, the topics and nominated Innovators to feature was invaluable. We cannot thank them enough for launching us in the right direction. As we roll out a whole new wave of Innovators this year, we’re passing the torch to some of the top Innovators we featured in the series. These six Innovators have each accomplished so much in their careers and are paving new paths on a daily basis for a new wave of marketers.

Without further ado, please meet our new Innovators Council:


Adrian Parker, VP of Marketing at Patrón Tequila and Grey Goose Vodka

Adrian Parker, VP of Marketing at Patrón and Grey Goose

Adrian Parker combines digital expertise with battle-tested management experience to lead a competitive team of communication, advertising, social media, web, event, advertising and mixology professionals. As he says, he’s on year 5 of an audacious journey to reimagine how luxury consumers engage with the spirits brands they love. “I've had my share of experiences as a CFO (Chief Failure Officer) that robbed me of both my ego and my hair. I'm most proud of the people I've learned from & with along the way.”

“One of the most exciting things about building teams is uncovering amazing talent and having the opportunity to orbit their genius. I’m totally unqualified for the jobs I was doing just 10 years ago as the pace of change has increased stratospherically. We’re gearing up for an amazing global reset of the Grey Goose vodka brand in April. The major benefit of any renovation is the opportunity to update what you love about your house with all the designs, tech, fixtures and features that make it a home worth celebrating. We’re about to let consumers into the figurative Grey Goose house in a really meaningful way.”

We can’t wait to see what Adrian will do with the beloved Grey Goose brand given the huge success he earned on the Patron business. His constant curiosity about all things new and how to fold that into the mix, pun intended, is sure to bring fresh perspective to the Council. Read Adrian’s story on Innovators…


Benjamin Lord, Executive Director, Global eCommerce and Omnichannel Marketing Professional

Benjamin Lord, Executive Director, Global eCommerce and Omnichannel Marketing Professional

A consummate strategist with over a decade of experience, Benjamin Lord – otherwise known as Benji - has spent his career leading the creation, integration and expansion of digital marketing innovation for brands such as LVMH, Nike, Unilever, L’Oréal, and more. His seasoned background gives him a unique view on shaping consumer engagement for global brands. Raised in Asia and Africa, he earned his stripes in the business in Europe before moving to New York City. In 2018, he joined one of the world’s leading makeup brands, leading global digital transformation, eCommerce and datadriven marketing.

A self-proclaimed “geek,” Benjamin has a knack for discovering the technologies that transform culture and commerce, from artificial intelligence and mixed reality, to connected-everything. In his current role, Benji is developing ways to advance beauty consumer personalization and loyalty, implementing innovations like digital self-serve tools, virtual try-on experiences and native video shopping, while using strategic insights to shape his vision.

We are thrilled to have Benji on the Council. His exploration of new tools and analytics that constantly drive new excitement in the market have catapulted his brands to the forefront of accelerating economies. Benji first introduced us to the power of AI in Asia leveraging partners like TMall and WeChat. We are excited to see what new ideas he brings forth in the coming months. Read Benji’s story on Innovators…


Dennis Todisco, Global Head of Community at Niche Twitter

Dennis Todisco, Global Head of Community at Niche Twitter

Dennis Todisco influences the influencers. Dennis works with the best creators around the world on Twitter, from personality stars like David Dobrik, Casey Neistat, and Brother Nature, to photographers like Misshattan and Swopes, to even famous pets like Doug The Pug, and virtually everyone in between, across all verticals and geographies.

Dennis’s role, as Global Head of Community at Niche/Twitter is to lead relationships with top tier creators to help them grow and monetize their presence, as well as create new platforms for them to flourish on Twitter, such as Creator Originals. Dennis, a creator himself, is the founder of the popular community Outfitgrid - where thousands of consumers across the globe converge to share their style and love for sneaker and streetwear culture though the sharing of their outfit laid out in a “grid” format. Each day is competition where Dennis hand selects his favorite #Outfitgrid posted over the last 24 hours and highlights it to the community.

There is no doubt in our mind that Dennis will bring a unique view on Innovation into the Council. We consider ourselves super smart for nabbing Dennis as he’s already found and engaged some of the most brilliant new creators on the planet that we would be delighted to meet. We are thrilled for Dennis to keep us looking smart. Read Dennis’s story on Innovators…


Katrina Craigwell, CMO of Chase Digital

Katrina Craigwell, CMO of Chase Digital

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Chase Digital, Katrina Craigwell’s mission is to make financial services accessible and convenient for customers. As a leader, she’s focused on bringing together the disparate groups across Chase to be a highly effective team and to focus on building a culture of collaboration.

Collaboration and co-creation is in Katrina’s DNA “I have always been inspired by the creator ecosystem that has grown out of platforms like Instagram, YouTube and others. These platforms have opened the door to an amazing community of dynamic storytellers. As a marketer, it’s always special to get to work with creators, and see the way a story comes to life through their eyes.”

We cannot wait to have Katrina weigh in on the innovation topics we’ll be covering.  As a Woman Trailblazer who has been recognized consistently over the years for her own Innovation, we are certain she’ll help us blaze new trails yet again.  Read Katrina’s story on Innovators…


Kayla Glanville, Head of Growth at Hill City (from Gap Inc.)

Kayla Glanville, Head of Growth at Hill City (from Gap Inc.)

Kayla Glanville is a mission-driven marketer with an emphasis on consumer marketing, growth strategy, analytics, and customer experience.  Building new brands as well as elevating established brands, Kayla combines values-driven storytelling with advanced analytics to achieve business objectives while celebrating the humans who represent the core of the brand.

Since joining the Innovators, Kayla has led and adapted Hill City’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing and growth strategy. By championing the ongoing promotion of real people doing and creating extraordinary things, Hill City has created an e-commerce apparel brand fueled by connection and community. Through her leadership, her team expanded their ambassador program across hundreds of Wear Testers that helped shape multiple products as well as created the most advance AI-driven Facebook messenger app which engages consumers in real-time.

We are so excited to have Kayla on board! Another Women Trailblazer who lights our fire with her out-of-the-box thinking and fierce devotion to mining the unknown and supporting the growth of all those around her.

“In life and business, we get where we want to go through those who champion our work. Joining the Innovation Council is an incredible opportunity for me to build the path forward and champion the next wave of marketing’s most innovative minds.”  Read Kayla’s story on Innovators…


Tressie Lieberman, VP, Digital and Off-Premise at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Tressie Lieberman, VP, Digital and Off-Premise at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Tressie Lieberman is responsible for leading a team focused on building a deeper relationship with the brand’s community through the Chipotle Rewards loyalty program, CRM and social media. In addition, she’s working to drive awareness of new occasions such as delivery and catering for their fast-growing digital business. Chipotle, a purpose-driven company with a history of doing unique marketing, is one that Tressie is extremely grateful to represent.

One of Tressie’s work passions includes sharing Chipotle’s values in unexpected ways through social. Beyond the recent successful “Behind the Foil” campaign that leveraged all social channels uniquely, Tressie also just helped to launch Chipotle Rewards with Venmo two days ago which is another example of positioning the brand in an unforeseen way by utilizing the app’s global feed as a “social network”. As a top mentioned brand on Venmo, Chipotle created to issue a total of a quarter of a million dollars in various individual payouts across four days encouraging consumers to sign up for the new loyalty program. Chipotle also has a custom emoji within Venmo to keep the conversion endemic to the platform.

Tressie is incredibly gifted at bringing together vast ecosystems of partners and creating immediate action from swiftly synthesizing the input.  With the boat loads of information coming into the Innovators Council, we are thrilled to have Tressie on the team to help us navigate the plethora of great ideas.  Read Tressie’s story on Innovators…

Please help us welcome our Innovators Council!