From Hamburgers to Hot Rods with Cadillac CMO Deborah Wahl

Deborah Wahl, CMO Cadillac

What can I say about Deborah Wahl, former CMO of McDonald’s, Vice-Chair of the ANA, and current CMO of Cadillac other than “Wow”! Deborah has enough energy to power her favorite city of Detroit day and night. You can’t help but get swept away in her enthusiasm and passion for people whether she’s marketing Hot Rods or Hamburgers.

As we started our conversation, I asked one simple question, “how has your career evolved from where you started?” Buckle your seat belt, as this becomes a wild ride from Paris to San Paulo to the California Coast and back to Detroit.

As we compared her role as CMO across the various industries she’s served, she offered up some great perspective on how to navigate different companies, stakeholders and cultures, but was crystal clear that the role of the marketer has always been and will always be to best serve and represent the customer. How you do that changes by company, resources and certainly with each passing day that technology and consumers evolve, but at the end of every day, it’s all about growth.

To deliver growth, you have to be focused on growth, which means reconfiguring how you spend your time, how your team is spending their time, how you invest in your team and how you invest in yourself.

To hear how she manages her time and where she places her bets, you’ll just have to tune in…


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