Back to the Bar with John Burke and 7000+ Bacardi Employees Today

Nick Drake, EVP of Marketing & Experience of T-Mobile

Today is a fun day.  It’s #BacktotheBar day which means that more than 7,000 Bacardi employees across 130 global cities will storm 1000+ bars during a sixteen-hour period. Designed to reignite the company’s bar-born spirit and family culture, “Back to the Bar” has become an important cultural touchstone for the company which was originally founded in Cuba in 1862 and today sells its brands in more than 170 countries around the globe.

I had the great honor of chatting with John Burke, who is the CMO of Bacardi and also the President of Bacardi Global Brands in preparation for this beloved day.  With honor, I share his incredible story of how he is leading the Bacardi brands, and more importantly, the Bacardi teams with a single mission to stay focused on the consumer. 

John’s 25 year career with Bacardi started as a truck driver, then moved into sales and now he’s Global CMO and President.  As high as he’s climbed, he remains in the trenches everyday with his teams and loves interacting with every employee around the world.  The unique training programs he’s created are all based on the best learnings from inside Bacardi, which John himself often delivers.  John also collaborates closely with his newly integrated luxury brands, Patron and Grey Goose, led by Lee Applbaum, to share best practices across all brands. 

John Burke, CMO & President of Bacardi Global Brands and Jacob Briars, Bacardi Global Advocacy Director at London Cocktail Club

Join us in this epic adventure from London to Bermuda to deep inside the micro cultures of the Caribbean, where Bacardi, whose roots are in Cuba, makes enormous efforts to give back to the local artists to help “stir their creativity“ and provide opportunity.  Find out how Bombay Sapphire now has one of the beautiful cutting-edge distilleries in rural Hampshire (watch video).  And head out to bar tonight as you might just meet one of the folks behind the magic, including, John himself who is known to jump behind the bar!

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