Building Your Purpose Playbook with the Masters of Purpose

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When I wrote Putting Purpose Centerstage a couple of months ago, it was my first attempt to bring together the incredible tips that I had been hearing from my CMO Moves guests on this vital brand survival topic. Not a new topic, but a critical one that keeps earning centerstage over and over again, as we saw in the latest move by Nike. 

It is clear that Nike is one of the glowing role models when it comes to purpose-based brands, but the brilliant simplicity in how they deliver their message disguises the fact that this isn't just about impactful marketing, it is the product of a massive and continual internal journey that requires exceptional leadership and vision. If effectively and continuously demonstrating 'Purpose' was easy, it wouldn't be centerstage any more. 

So, this week I released two new CMO Moves podcasts that really dive deep into the "How" with Jim Stengel and Vineet Mehra. I also want to acknowledge all my guests that have contributed their stories this year to help move our industry forward. When you have a chance, have a look at "Putting Purpose Centerstage" where I've pulled in perspective from Antonio LucioDiego ScottiJeff JonesJerome HiquetLinda BoffNuno TelesPeter McGuinnessRoy SpenceSeth Farbman and Tony Rogers.

Finally, I want to tip my hat to my very first guest on CMO Moves and dear friend, Seth Farbman, who just announced he was leaving Spotify. Seth is a role model coach, mentor and leader who exemplifies authenticity, bravery and purpose, which is what fueled the amazing growth of Spotify. But he'd be the first to say it wasn't because of him, it was because of his team. At the new Marketer Moves platform, which launched this week, we were lucky enough to have an in-depth chat with two of his dynamic team members at Spotify, Jackie Jantos and Mayur Gupta. Have a look at their innovation stories below and you'll quickly see why leadership is the true key to fulfilling Purpose.

Activate Your Purpose

Jim Stengel is the President & CEO of The Jim Stengel Group and ultimate teacher of teachers, helping companies activate their purpose and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Previously, Jim was the Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble, where he led a 7000 person marketing team, managed an advertising budget of $8 Billion+ and won the Advertiser of the Year award at Cannes Lions. Listen to Jim's Podcast

"You're hard pressed to find a company that isn't trying desperately to define the impact they're going to make with their customers, the world and then bring it to life with their people. It's so easy in concept to say that, but to do that everyday in daily behaviors of tens of thousands of people is really complicated." Jim Stengel 


The Ambidextrous CMO Activating Purpose With Consumer-Fueled Storytelling And Performance Marketing

Vineet Mehra, CMO of Ancestry, leads one of the most purpose-driven brands in the world, which is to genuinely and authentically change the world by helping “people create personal discoveries, and through those personal discoveries, they find connections to others and we all become closer as a result.” With over 11 billion human connections between family trees, Vineet shares how to enroll consumers as chief storytellers in an efficient, modern, marketing machine to deliver against Purpose 2.0  Listen to Vineet's Podcast

"As marketers, we have been infusing our brands with purpose, putting content out in the world that espouses our purpose, but if you look at the data, brands are less trusted by consumers than ever before. Consumers today want to be participating with the brands that they're involved with, so it's not enough to just hear the message." Vineet Mehra 


Belief Systems, Authenticity and Bravery

My very first guest on CMO Moves, Seth Farbman, CMO of Spotify, shares his point of view on how marketers need to retrain their thinking patterns to become more authentic through vulnerability, how to develop belief systems to guide their approach to business, how to connect with consumers through culture, how to develop a common language, how to build a world-class team from the ground-up, how to enroll coaches to align leadership teams, how to embrace diversity of thought to provide a truly inclusive environment, and how to have a level of boldness and bravery in service of something bigger than yourself in order to be successful. Listen to Seth's Podcast

Bringing Brand Ethos To Life At Spotify

We asked Jackie (this is the second time she's worked with Seth), What one thing do you need from your CMO to help you be successful?

Trust. In a world of immediate response and troves of data, culture does not change overnight, and sustainable brands are not built overnight. As brands look to be meaningful to people they must connect with culture. That takes nuance, instinct, bravery, and considering ideology, philosophy, and experience. And moving very quickly. There is not always the opportunity to declare the business case before taking action! Read Jackie's Innovation article

Defining The Always-On Of Demand Creation And Demand Capture

We asked Mayur, What one thing do you need from your CMO to help you be successful?

When you work with one of industry’s top marketing leaders like Seth Farbman, you don’t have to ask for much. It’s tough to pen this down to one thing but if I had to pick it would be the “freedom to fail” that Seth provides to all of us. That is the single most inspiring and motivating aspect of my role and what I get from my leadership.  Read Mayur's Innovation article


What is my purpose?

Check out the new platform, Marketer Moves, where I am fulfilling my purpose everyday....